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Retriever Payment Systems
Susan Kingsfield President
2555 Lorraine Circle
Geneva, IL 60134
Phone: 6302043822
Cell: 630-204-3822
Fax: 630-397-5981
Bankcard Processing allows me to set up merchants with the availability to accept credit card payments from their clients. This can be done retail, MOBILE, mail order/telephone order or internet sales. Gift cards are also available. Customer service is my forte! Mobile devices from SwipeSimple make it easy for merchants to collect payment via email or secure payment link. SwipeSimple also makes it easy to MANAGE, SEARCH and SORT invoices. *Track real-time invoice status *Sort by paid or unpaid *Search and filter by customer name or email *Manually mark invoice as paid if need *View invoice history Businesses like CPA's, freelancers, tax preparation providers, professional services and anyone that needs back-office billing can benefit from sending invoices with SwipeSimple.

A GOOD tip: A new merchant who needs to be set up or a current merchant who would like a comparison to see if I can save them money on their credit card fees. I can guarantee them "good news"; either I can save them money or I can tell them they have a good deal...unless they need better customer service, they are in a good spot! Doctors, dentists, attorneys, restaurants, at home businesses, service companies,retail stores and online merchants are some wonderful leads for me!


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