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Top-It Exteriors, Inc.
Mark Koch President and CEO
175 W Irving Park Road
Roselle, IL 60172
Phone: 630-307-5900
Cell: 630-561-0181
Fax: 630-307-5908
Roofing WE OFFER ALL KINDS OF ROOFING SERVICES INCLUDING: Roof Tear off and Disposal Re-roofing All kinds of repairs OUR TEAM OF EXPERTS CAN INSTALL ALL TYPES OF SHINGLES INCLUDING: 3 tab Asphalt Shingles Architectural Asphalt Shingles Specialty Shingles WE ALSO SPECIALIZE IN: Minor Framing Roof Decking Replacement Drip Edge Installations Roof Ventilation Skylight Installation WE ALSO OFFER FLAT ROOFING SERVICES: Modifed Bitumem Siding TOP-IT EXTERIORS INSTALLS A VARIETY OF SIDING TYPES TO ENHANCE THE APPEARANCE OF YOUR HOME AND PROTECT IT FROM THE ELEMENTS WITH THE VERY BEST MATERIALS IN THE INDUSTRY. Vinyl Siding Replacement Aluminum Siding Replacement Cedar Siding Replacement Fiber Cement and Engineered Wood Siding Decorative Stone for enhanced beauty Vinyl Gable Vents, Dryer Vents, and Shutters Soffit and Fascia SOFFIT AND FASCIA ARE OFTEN OVERLOOKED IN THE HOME YET THEY PLAY A CRITICAL PART IN MAINTAINING IT. PROPERLY INSTALLED SOFFITS, OR THE OVERHANG OF YOUR ROOF, WILL EXTEND THE LIFE OF YOUR ROOF AND PREVENT MOISTURE AND MOLD BUILD UP IN YOUR ATTIC. •Aluminum Soffit/Fascia Replacement •Vinyl Soffit Replacement •Aluminum Wrapping For Porches , windows , doors Gutters REPLACEMENT OF YOUR GUTTERS IS CRITICAL TO THE FUNCTIONAL AND AESTHETIC VALUE OF YOUR HOME. UNKEMPT GUTTERS CAN LEAD TO FASCIA AND SOFFIT ROT AND EVENTUAL WATER LEAKAGE. Replacement Repairs Alluminium Copper Standard size Over sized


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